We Buy Black: Black Wall Street Online

We Buy Black: Black Wall Street Online

Could WeBuyBlack be the next Black Wall Street? The online Mall is quickly becoming a force to be known. They view themselves as the NEW Black Wall Street.

One of the main differences is that there will not be any bombs dropped on this group. It’s set up to continue even if the leadership is out of commission. And it is supported by hungry smart and dedicated professional of all kinds.

It could be said that WeBuyBlack is the Black Wall Street of this generation and the future. This writer is proud to be apart of this movement.

WeBuyBlack.com is the web address for this wonderful company.

WeBuyBlack has a wide variety of vendors that range from products development specialist to resellers.


The thing I love the most about this company is that they allow any and all black-owned businesses to market their products on their website. You have to agree with their terms and conditions but that with all online mall.

They have products ranging from Mouthwash all the way to coats, you can’t go wrong. There are people who are beginners and those who are experts in this mall and we all have the same opportunity.

Marketing on WeBuyBlack:

Marketing is one of the easiest things available. You can choose to do all your own marketing or you can opt to have the staff at WeBuyBlack do your marketing for you. There is a third choice and it’s the one I like and that is to have the staff do their marketing for you and you also do your own marketing. This way you will be creating a very strong backlinking program on your own for your own products. There is a third option available to everyone and that is to hire someone to do all your marketing for you. This is not recommended for the new or beginner since it cost some money to get done right. I’d say just pay WeBuyBlack staff to do it if you don’t know what you are doing.

Quality Products:

On WeBuyBlack you’ll find many different types of products. Some as I have said before are handmade by the person selling the products. Some are being marketed by people who are affiliates of some companies.


It really does not matter which one you happen to be viewed as long as they provide really good services and the product is as you expected it to be upon arrival.

The Goal:

To me, the goal is to become as big as Amazon one day. In my view, there is a possibility to really do that and maybe even surpassing them. Because the internet is global and well if we all (Black Folk) stick to supporting our own people we’ll be able to buy and sell all over the globe.



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