Real Estate & Business Funding

Real Estate & Business Funding

It does not matter if you are in real estate or any other business the bottom line is that you’ll need funding to support your business growth. The more money you have the faster you can grow your business!

  • Real Estate requires you to have cash available when you find a good deal.
  • Any other business requires that you have funds available to purchase inventory or to market your product or services.

In both cases, it is funding that’s important for your business to be successful.

I have seen too many smart entrepreneur’s struggles and close their doors all because they had no way to fund their businesses. Every one of them took the same road that I bet many who read this article are taking now.

The road to business failure

  1. First, they turn to a friend or family member who may have some money set aside for investment purposes.
  2. Secondly, they’ll go to many different banks and credit unions seeking loans – only to be turned down for one reason or another.
  3. Next, they’ll try to find government grants – only to find out that they require some of your time (something you don’t have enough of already) to qualify for their assistance programs.

They are starting to become desperate now, so they seek out the type of financial help they really don’t want, but they are starting to feel the pressure of their business folding.

They seek Investors

First, they’ll look at “private, angle or hard money” lenders – just to find out they want high-interest rates and a part of the business (Shark Tank).

Secondly, they’ll look at short-term funding from the ‘real sharks’. They will fund your project for at most 3 months but normally 72 hours. They ask for high fixed interest rates and they have points as well. But they’ll give you 100% funding.

Closing the Doors

Well at this point must new and struggling business owners give up and tell their staff they must close their doors for good.

In a last stitch effort, they go crazy seeking all help just to keep their failing business going. They reach out to anyone and everyone possible without any satisfaction.

A Hint of Sanity

They hear about this thing called “Line of Credit” and so they go to the Bank again and inquire about a line of credit. But because they have gone so long in the negative (personal and business credit) and their business is on the verge of closing, there is no possible way any bank will give a failing business a line of credit.

The right way to obtain funding for your business

“You have to realize that every single business will need funding at some point.”

So, what you need to do is to start NOW and put yourself and your business in a place to become financially ready for those growing or lean periods of sales.

The way to do that is to understand that a business line of credit especially with Fund&Grow is probably your best friend and will be for a long time if you handle your funds correctly.

Why?  I want you to listen to this video that will explain it all to you.

Business Funding


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