Getting Traffic To Your Website

Getting Traffic To Your Website

Getting traffic to your website is the most important thing you can do as an internet marketer. There are other very important things to do but the number one by far is traffic.

Your website can be outstanding but if no one knows it there you’ll never make a dime.

Getting Traffic To Your Website

There are three extremely important things that website owners need to have to work for them to get consistent and converting traffic to their websites.

SEO Back Linking

Getting traffic to your website is really about understanding SEO (search engine optimisation) and learning how to use Backlinking. Some people think they are separate but I really think they go together.

Doing one without the other is self-defeating and a waste of time.

  • Doing your SEO correctly allows people to find you easily
  • it helps the search engines rank your site
  • it makes it easy to locate your website quickly
  • and search engines and individuals will instant understanding of your topic or focus.
Getting Traffic To Your Website

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Backlinking is all about helping the search engines to connect your websites, products, and/or affiliate links together.

Example: If you have a FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blogspot, and Google+ websites and pages as well as a Blogger Website you can write a blog and it goes to all of your pages and other websites. That’s linking them together or backlinking them. Even more sophisticated would be to have your Affiliate sites with the link to your affiliate product on the blog. Everything links together and moves as one unit. This helps you rank in the search engines and makes it easy for your customers to see you as an authority.

You need both of these working together to make your website get targeted traffic. But these two need to be working together so They are bot only one part of the two things you need for you to start getting traffic to your website.


Submitters help you to find the right web search engines category to place your SEO and Backlinking information. Normally they run by popularity and gravity. Submitters give you the power to dominate social media and all search engines placements.

Getting traffic to your website will be ten times harder if you don’t have these two or three tools at your disposal. They simply make your internet marketing life easier and more profitable.

Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter is one of the best submitter programs because it works intuitively after you enter your information and it’s really fast and easy to use.


Getting Traffic To Your Website


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