Viral Marketing Your Website

Make Your Website Go Viral Online

Viral Marketing your website can change the game for your business:

  • You’ll reach more people on a consistent basis
  • You’ll gain ranking on all search engines
  • You’ll have more highly qualified visitors coming to your website
  • Your conversion rates will grow

It is aggressive passive marketing of your website and what you have to offer.

What does it mean to viral market your website?

You have a business! You even got your business website up and running just the way you want it to be. You are plugging it all over the place…Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, YouTube and maybe even a few other platforms.

You even took out a few ads on Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and a few other platforms. Isn’t this viral marketing?

The answer to the question is, YES. It is the first level of Viral Marketing (Sign up for “Viral Marketing Secrets”). You are truly doing almost all you could to bring in business. Great job!

But still, it’s not popping. WHY?

Well, it could be your SEO is not great and/or it’s because you are simply not reaching enough people. Even with ads reaching out to millions as they say it will the truth is that you don’t have enough money for all of the people they tell you your ads will reach.

Think about it for a minute…most people are not online on all those platforms all day every day. So the total number of people you are really reaching is much less than they tell you. And, then there is the problem of “timing”. What I mean by that is that most people will read an ad and pass right by because it is not what they are seeking right now.

It’s a fact that it takes people at least three times of seeing an ad before they think about looking into it further.

That’s a problem!

Are there different levels of viral marketing?

There are a few levels of viral marketing you should be aware of:

There is the personal level (described above) where you as the website owner spread the word about your website on all social media platforms. This also includes ads you may take out to market your website.

You should always be doing this! You need to understand that adds are great and what you are currently doing is also good for your business. Some weeks you’ll get sales and some you will not. That’s just the way it is.

After this level, it takes experts or geeks to do the rest. But if you want to maximize your reach around the world and truly reach more people you must understand “Social Book Marketing”.

Some people call it “backlinking” but it’s more than that. It’s placing your SEO adds in the right places at the right time to get the biggest bang for your dollar. It is the most powerful way of getting the word out about your website.

How can I make my website reach more people?

There are websites that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all of the search engines consider authority websites. These websites get all of the attention from the search engines. There are thousands of authority websites out there in every country.

THAT’s where your ads need to be. On their websites. Because that’s when people will see it and believe that you are real and trustworthy. These adds are powerful and drew a lot of attention and they are all SEO based.

But how do you get on their websites? It’s hard, to be honest. I tried but after entering two submissions on a tire 1 website and I was done. It was really hard and took up a lot of my time. I came to one conclusion and that is, you have to be a geek to do this! That’s why you need Income Guru. Because I hired a team of super geeks to have fun and place my client’s websites on these authority websites.


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