New Deal! Sun City Fix ‘n’ Flip!

New Deal! Sun City Fix ‘n’ Flip!

10115 W Candlewood Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351

Link to More Pictures!

Wholesale Price: $144,900
After Repair Value: $195,000

  • 2 Beds / 2 Baths / 2 Garage
  • 1,683sf Living Area (per tax records)
  • 3,847sf Lot Size
  • 1970 Year Build
  • Contact Josiah for Access

Call my friend Josiah at (480) 725-7071   and tell him Max Toliver told you about this property.

Disclaimer: House is being sold as-is, and the buyer is to pay all closing costs. No representations are written or oral are made concerning the properties above. Price based on a cash or hard money offer and is net to seller. All offers on properties require a $3000 to $5000 non-refundable earnest deposit and have an average 7 day close of escrow. Buyers to do their own independent due diligence. Atlas Wholesale Homes, LLC and its parent company KeyGlee, LLC’s members/representatives make no guarantees concerning property condition, value, characteristics or financial benefits. Equal Opportunity Housing. One or more members of KeyGlee, LLC are real estate licensees in the state of Arizona with My Home Group.

Our mailing address is:
2303 N 44th St, STE 14-1205, Phoenix, AZ 85008

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Kitchen Cabinet Costs and Considerations

Percent of budget: 30%

Cabinets make the kitchen’s first impression, and dated kitchen cabinets can detract from the aesthetic appeal of the room. Fortunately, you can change the color, look and feel of your cabinets without tearing through your bank account. Every square foot of the kitchen is potential work or storage area, so adequate cabinet space is a huge plus.

The first decision to make is whether to go standard or custom. Going custom offers more flexibility. With custom cabinets, you can create something that will fit both your space and your taste; however, custom work is significantly more expensive. Standard cabinets are the more affordable option, though the standard issue does limit your options in terms of size and depth. You can also compromise by installing pull-out shelves and lazy susans in standard cabinets to maximize their storage space.

Whether you decide to go standard or custom, you’ll want to decide on the right material as well. Wood, natural or painted, is the most popular choice. It’s long-lasting and durable — and you’ll find a huge variety of types and prices within the wood family. Less expensive alternatives are also available, such as composites, laminates, and even metal or glass.

If hardwood cabinets are out of the question, or if your old cabinets just need a new look, cabinet refacing or resurfacing can be an affordable option. By leaving the location of your cabinets unchanged and simply refacing the existing cabinetry, you will negate the need for demolition and new installation. Your project costs will, therefore, be considerably lower than if you were to tear out the old kitchen cabinets and replace them with new.

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A brand new product has come out and it’s hot! A new kind of selfie stick but about a thousand times better.

It’s called the “SMOVE”

I think it’s outstanding and worth every bit the money. I know that for all of us who like to get new toys you’ll love this one.

Here are the top 10 tips for using it.

I know you want one. All you have to do is click here and it will take you to their page.

Think how much greater your videos and photos will be once you get the SMOVE! This product is unprecedented in its ability to make your videos and photos look top-notch.

Oh, and did I tell you all, it’s on sale?

Better get it while it’s 44% off the normal price at SMOVE.


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Black Washington Student Posts Emotional Video Against Racist Bullying

An African-American elementary school student in Bellevue, Washington sends a powerful anti-bullying message in an emotional Facebook video, which has gone viral, KIRO-TV reports.

So emotional is the video of 9-year-old Nasir Andrews that she doesn’t have to say a word. Nasir, who is finishing fourth grade at Ardmore Elementary School, holds up index cards with written words and phrases that tell her disturbing story at the hands of mean-spirited, racist classmates in the video.

Her story starts in September when her peers began tormenting her. Classmates of Nasir, who is one of about 40 Black students at Ardmore Elementary which has a large number of Hispanic, Asian, and Indian students, referred to her using racial slurs including “Nutella” and “servant,” KIRO reported.

A student called me ‘Nutella,’ and I told my after-school teacher and she said it wasn’t racist and she made me write the definition of racist,” said Nasir, whose video was shared more than 17,500 times and reached more than 670,000 people, KIRO reported.

The young girl, who came up with the hashtag #backdownbully, said that she was picked on for buying lunch, and kids on the school bus laughed at her. Her peers took her snacks from her, she added and ran away from her on the playground. Having trouble finding friends, Nasir had also been pushed, kicked and choked by her classmates.

She complained to teachers and administrators, but her cries for help fell on deaf ears. At a dead-end, she made the video to seek help for herself and other students targeted by bullies.

I think that we need to stop bullying and just know that if you’re doing it, you’re hurting people,” Nasir told the outlet.

The school said it opened an investigation into the incidents involving Nasir, however, her family is deciding where to send her next school year, the New York Daily News reported.


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Hotspot Shield is Outstanding

It’s amazing that so many people are really getting to know about this product. I guess it is because it can do so much to protect you from hackers.

If you are in business, if you travel, if you have a phone …you need Hotspot Shield!

It will hide your IP address from anyone trying to get your personal information. It does not matter what device you are on it works well on all of them.

The other thing I love about this product is that it is still tax-deductible.

Hotspot Shield can be turned on and off at will and it never slows down your service.

Until you’ve been hacked you just don’t understand how powerful this program is. You can unblock the web with Hotspot Shield Elite VPN! Get lightning fast internet speeds on ALL your devices in one click! Hotspot Shield protects your privacy by never logging your identity or activities.

Sadly we all missed the promotional pricing of this product. It is a little bit higher pricing right now and it appears to raise in pricing every time they hit a new benchmark. Better get it while it still cheap.

Hotspot Shield




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Make Money Marketing Online

Click To Gain Access

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Income Guru

“How To Develop Your Own Hot Selling Products”

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