Secrets To Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!

I grew up with dogs and I have never had a trained dog. In fact, they were just mean German Shepherds that did not like anyone but my family. I think I would have loved to have had trained dogs.

I see people walking their dogs all over the place and the dogs are able to do amazing things. That’s why I wanted to post this today because I wanted to help the pet owner who’s dog is NOT obeying. There is hope!

“Who Else Wants To Know Top Training Secrets That Dog Experts Use Daily To Ensure That Their Dogs Are Always Well Behaved And Listen?”

An example of Information:

Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing in 5 Simple Steps!

Dogs need to chew! In order to help prevent your dog from chewing furniture and shoes, one of the biggest help is to make sure that your dog has plenty of appropriate toys to chew on. I will outline all the steps below to help stop your dog from chewing you out of house and home!

  1. Prevent destructive chewing: Use crates, gates, and tethers (only tether your dog while supervised), to keep your dog from sneaking off to chew on your tennis shoes. Make sure your dog has plenty of chew toys accessible at all times and gets plenty of exercises. Keeping your shoes and other items that your dog likes to chew out of reach is also important to break the habit.
  2. Make chewing your stuff less pleasant: Coat furniture and other items that your dog is chewing with a taste deterrent such as Bitter Apple.
  3. Give lots of great alternatives to your furniture and shoes: Make sure your dog has lots of chew toys and rotate them daily to keep them interesting.
  4. Reward your dog for chewing on appropriate items: When you see your dog chewing on his toy or bone make sure to praise your dog and even better, toss a treat.
  5. Drop it: If you catch your dog chewing on something he should not be, you can ask your dog to drop it and trade for a treat. Then make sure you do more of the steps above to prevent it from happening in the future.

The steps above should help stop your dogs chewing on furniture and shoes and get him hooked on his or her own toys. Let us know how you do and Happy Training!

Click here

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$50 to 1 Million Dollars

Let’s play a game! LOL Not that one! But let’s play a paper game. It’s about doing something on paper first before you make it real so that you can see the results before you start to do something.

So here is the game. Let’s make believe that you and I are going to invest into the penny stock market and we are going to follow my friend James’s advice on which stock to buy. We are also going to follow the charts he provided in one of my blogs. Now we will start off with only $50 because we have two issues.

1) We are poor and that’s all we got.

2) We are scared to invest so this is all we are willing to give up at any time.

3) We need our $50 back ASAP, because we got to pay bills or whatever.

So if we had of invested our $50 into the stock that James told us to yesterday (Symbol: PTLF

Co: PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

PetLife Pharmaceuticals (PTLFhas consistently doubled in price this year on breakouts. For example, when I first profiled PTLF, It was .20 cents on February 21st, 2017.
Two days later on February 23rd, PTLF smashed through the ceiling hitting a staggering $.90 cents representing 349% GAIN! 

The Alert has gone out today at 5:43am to buy this stock.

Let’s see what would have been your return. Check back later today or tomorrow to see what’s going to happen. This is in real time family!

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UMC – Urban Movie Channel Presents the Poignant and Powerful International Documentary, “The Man Who Mends Women”

May Highlights Also Include:
#ThrowbackThursdays with Season 1 of Braxton Family Values;
Military Drama Stand Down Soldier starring Jeryl Scott (The Walking Dead);
2016 American Black Film Festival Audience Award Winner The Fix starring Meta Golding (The Hunger Games)

The Man Who Mends Women

Los Angeles, CA — A sensitive yet impactful film that sheds light on the atrocities committed against women throughout the long-running conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Man Who Mends Women premieres exclusively on UMC on Friday, May 19, 2017. The documentary tells the story of Doctor Mukwege, internationally known as the man who mends thousands of women who have been raped during the 20 years of conflicts in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His endless struggle to put an end to these atrocities and denounce the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators is not welcome and at the end of 2012, the Doctor was the target of an attempt on his life – which he miraculously survived. Threatened with death, Dr. Mukwege now lives cloistered in his hospital in Bukavu under the protection of the United Nation peacekeepers. No longer alone in his struggle, the women to whom he has restored physical integrity and dignity stand beside him as true activists for peace, hungry for justice. Available at, UMC is the first premium subscription streaming service that showcases quality African American and urban entertainment across all genres from RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE).

On Friday, May 26, 2017, UMC presents the new military drama, Stand Down Soldier. After Sergeant Stacy Armstrong (Jeryl Prescott, The Walking Dead, The Birth of a Nation) returns from three deployments with PTSD, she and her husband Jesse are determined to save their twenty-year marriage from being another casualty of war. Infidelity, addiction, and a tragic accident test the couple’s commitment as Jesse struggles to keep Stacy and their marriage alive. The film, which was also written and directed by lead actress Jeryl Prescott, is an exploration of life after military service that highlights issues returning soldiers face in their civil lives such as mental health issues, loneliness, and drug addiction. “UMC provides a great service to the community and to filmmakers through its offering of meaningful, quality entertainment,” said Diarah N’Daw-Spech of ArtMattan Films, the licensing company behind acquisitions of The Man Who Mends Women and Stand Down Soldier. “We are delighted that two films we have fought for have been embraced by UMC. Both are rare films about very important subjects and we think that UMC is the perfect home for them.”

Also coming to UMC in May, as Season 6 of WE tv’s Braxton Family Values comes to a finale, UMC is just getting started! See where it all began with Season 1 as we kick off #BFVonUMC and take fans for a trip down memory lane. Beginning on Thursday, May 25, 2017, UMC will add a throwback episode from Season 1 of Braxton Family Values, each and every week through July 27. Loyal viewers can look forward to reliving some of their favorite moments of the show while new audiences can experience it all for the first time from the very beginning.

Currently available on UMC after premiering earlier this month, The Fix follows Abigail (Meta Golding, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2), a struggling waitress straddling the edge of drug addiction. In the midst of her downward spiral, she witnesses the shooting of an unarmed teen by an LAPD officer with whom she’s been having an affair. When the daughter she gave up at birth reappears, Abigail is forced to reevaluate her life and the decisions she’s made along the way. Writer and directed by Paris Bauldwin, the film also stars Eric Roberts (Grey’s Anatomy, Lost Girl, Suits), Timon Kyle Durrett (Queen Sugar), Sean O’ Bryan (Person’s Unknown, The Middle), Asia Queen, Blaine Gray, Nicole Steinwedell, and Jeremy Luke.

Created by Robert L. Johnson, Chairman of RLJ Entertainment and founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), Urban Movie Channel (UMC) is the first subscription streaming service created for African American and urban audiences in North America that features quality urban content and showcases feature films, documentaries, original series, stand-up comedy, and other exclusive content. UMC is available on Apple TV, iOS, Roku, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Fire TV. At, UMC offers a free 7-day trial and thereafter is just $4.99/month or $49.99/year. Keep up with UMC on Facebook at and on Twitter/Instagram @WatchUMC.

Farah Noel


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From $0 to $500K: Black Business Experts Share How to Gain More Traffic, Sales and Profit at TSP Live Event

Atlanta, GA — When it comes to statistics about Black entrepreneurship, the numbers are often bittersweet. While entrepreneurship among African-Americans is rising faster than among all Americans, the revenue generated by Black businesses has shrunk over the years.

(left to right) Lamar Tyler, Amber Wright, Donnie Bryant, and Jamal Miller

On June 9-10, 2017, Tyler New Media will host Traffic, Sales & Profit Live (TSP Live) aimed at bridging the gap between passion and profit. Hosted at the Le Méridien luxury hotel in Atlanta, TSP Live provides entrepreneurs the training and tools they need to succeed in the booming e-commerce industry.

“This is the premier event for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow the amount of traffic to their online businesses and learn how to convert those leads into sales,” said Lamar Tyler, TSP Live creator, and owner of Tyler New Media. “Whether you’re trying to transition into your own venture full time or already have an established business, you will leave TSP Live with a blueprint for attracting more customers and increasing the bottom line.”

Unlike many conferences, TSP Live goes beyond the typical presentations and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to implement what they learn on-site, alongside top-notch online business experts. Attendees also get to connect with other like-minded small business owners through one-on-one networking and interactive sessions.

The boot camp style event features an impressive line-up of speakers who have direct experience in growing profitable digital businesses. For example, presenter Jamal Miller hit rock bottom one year after writing his first book. While the tough times resulted in him relying on food stamps to provide for his family, they also inspired him to create a profitable online business. In the first quarter of 2017 alone, Miller’s business earned $500,000 in revenue. He will share insights into how to develop a brand that makes money and changes the world.

The purpose of TSP Live is rooted in Tyler’s entrepreneurial journey. Alongside his wife, Ronnie, he transformed their small personal blog, “Black And Married with Kids” into an international brand. Ebony Magazine named the Tylers to its Power 100 list of the most influential African-Americans, which included President Barack Obama, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z and Tyler Perry among its ranks. Additionally, they’ve been featured as finalists for the Black Enterprise Family Business of the Year Award and Infusionsoft’s Small Business ICON competition.

“I wish we had access to the right experts and resources as we grew our business. As an entrepreneur, you make mistakes and learn a lot from failure. I want to share those lessons learned and make it easier for those business owners who come along after us,” added Tyler.

In addition to admission to the sessions, TSP Live participants will also receive valuable resource guides to help them build Facebook advertising campaigns, a social media strategy, a stronger brand presence and e-mail lists.

Visit to view the full agenda and purchase tickets.

Chassidy Goggins
Tyler New Media


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Exclusive Collection of African-American Party Invitations and Stationery Products Launches

— Sweet Berry Lane is a cool online destination for African-American invitations and stationery products with unique designs and trends. —

Yolanda N. Ingram, CEO/Founder of Sweet Berry Lane

Holly Springs, NC — It is obvious how special events like weddings, birthdays, holidays, confirmations and graduations require special invitations, and well-crafted, beautiful stationery, which can be an inexpensive way to add a lot of fun to one’s next event. While many people make the mistake of sending out dull and unattractive invitations, finding the perfect invitation for special events, especially one that features African-Americans could be somewhat daunting and confusing since a sheer abundance of options abounds.

Amid all these disheartening concerns is Sweet Berry Lane, a cool destination for African-American invitations and stationery products, and they are keen on solving all bad experiences with their unique, latest designs and trends. They have an exclusive collection of African-American party invitations and Christmas cards, which include baby showers, bridal showers, graduation announcements and birthday party invitations. Recently, Sweet Berry Lane introduced African American themed Bridal Shower Games with games such as Love Birds, which guests have to match the African American fictional TV/ Movie couple with the title of the Movie.

“Today, we have made African American party planning to be a fun thing… it is not necessary to waste time looking for generic and boring invitations, explained Yolanda N Ingram, Founder/ CEO of Sweet Berry Lane. The anticipation of the big day grows with each day that passes, and we understand that you have gone through a lot of trouble to order great decorations for your party. Be sure to take the time to select the perfect party invitations that will impress your friends on Sweet Berry Lane.

Yolanda’s venture into the stationery world happened by accident in 2005 while she was preparing for her son’s first birthday party. After visiting one stationery store after another and doing an exhausting search online, she was unable to find any African-American invitation for her son’s party. With time fast against her, she had to settle on a generic invitation where she printed the words out for his party on a home printer. After the experience, she vowed not to let such repeat itself, and that made her established Sweet Berry Lane.

Sweet Berry Lane radiates a drive for the unconventional and an abundance of creativity as their fantastic collection of invitation are carefully made with different fabulous designs. African Americans who are keen on finding a new way to express themselves using high-quality invitations now have the opportunity to enjoy the company’s new line.

Yolanda concluded, “Sweet Berry Lane wants to offset the often-negative imagery of our community displayed by the media, by celebrating the beauty, strength, and magic of the African-American culture throughout its stationery product line.”

For more information about Sweet Berry Lane and the exclusive collection of African-American party invitations and stationery products offered, visit

For all updates, be sure to follow Sweet Berry Lane on Instagram ( and Facebook (

Sweet Berry Lane


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Mother and Teen Son Launch Movement to Help Black Families Create Generational Wealth Through Business Ownership and Personal Financial Success

— In a nation where 49% of children are living in poverty, the family brand movement has been started to extract the true potential in family bonds —

NationwideThe Family Brand Movement, started by Lavette Minn, an inspiring mother alongside her 15-year old son, Yungche Homme, aims to create stronger and productive family bonds in people. Together, the two are focused on encouraging other families to do the same and build unique and productive family brands. These bonds created among the families can not only make them successful but can also bring financial freedom in their lives. The Family Brand Movement has also announced the release of its latest publication, Family Brand: 9 Principles and Tips to Building Family & Business, a book co-authored by both co-founders to inspire families worldwide.

15-year old Yungche and his mother, Lavette, are the founders of the Family Brand Movement

“My son and I have founded this movement with a primary aim of coaching families who have children, to obtain personal financial success by building generational wealth with family brands,” said Lavette, the mother of Yungche and his 2 other siblings. “Family Brand is a book that both of us wrote and it shares 9 principles and tips to building a family and a family business,” she added. According to Lavette, the book will inspire people to build great legacies of their families that will last forever.

This inspiring movement has been designed to encourage families to build family bonds that potentially lead to building family brands and businesses. Nobody can have a better business partnership than two family members and this is the reason why an overwhelming percentage of businesses worldwide are family owned and operated. The Family Brand book is, therefore, going to be an inspiring mission of this mother-son team and the book is currently available in stock on the website of the movement. The Family Brand Movement has been launched as a perfect way to counter the rising rate of poverty, especially among the children in the United States and elsewhere.

The book covers nine core principles that mainly cover:
* communications
* transparency
* finances
* investment
* money attitudes
* building a vision

In addition to this amazing book, both co-founders also educate families by providing them personal coaching based on their own situations in order to help them.

Families will learn about:
* DIY Credit Repair Coaching
* Income shifting: bringing more money home each payday
* Business master planning and creating multiple streams of income

Moreover, both Lavette and Yungche are very responsive when it comes to giving advice and helping people who reach them online. The website they have created for the movement also features informative news, updates, and videos to help families and everyone who tries to reach them.

Lavette and Yungche started this inspiring journey when they’re ‘So Gone Challenge’ video went viral on Facebook last year and the response they received was overwhelming as it received more than 3 million views. So far, they have been endorsed for several great accomplishments that include writing two books and a song titled “HHELLO” which is part of their family brand and legacy. Their website features several inspiring testimonials in which people have shared their inspiring stories during interaction with Lavette and Yungche. However, despite all the success and recognition, both co-founders firmly believe that they have a long way to go and this is just a beginning.

For further information, please visit or send an email to

Note: There is a FREE gift available if you go to their website!


The Family Brand Movement, LLC


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