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Smart Money Secret Book

Smart Money Secret book and get in-depth information about how to finally fix their credit quickly, easily & permanently for FREE! Users just pay shipping and handling. This method is the fastest, easiest, 100% legal method for fixing credit. If … Continue reading

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How Black People Should Deal With Financial Debt & School Loans

BY: NISHA THOMAS We are all dealing with some sort of debt and unfortunately, not everyone knows how to handle it. Check out the video below and learn more about what it takes to build financial wealth and stay out of … Continue reading

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The Best Advice From Some Of The Richest Black People In The World

Some of our richest give advice. I’d like to call it the process of manifestation in action. How we think and act on that thinking will give us the results we are seeking, good or bad. Okay here we go: … Continue reading

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Black Wall Street Then and Now

Click here to get a short brief about what happened to Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma in June 1921. The truth about what happened that day will depend on who you ask. Anyone who is black will tell you that … Continue reading

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Don Cheadle To Produce Film On America’s First Black Millionaire

The growing amount of \Black filmmakers getting the chance to put their visions to screen is a boon to African-Americans in many ways. For one, there is the obvious chance to have more representation in various roles outside of some … Continue reading

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Black Small Business Grants

 Fedex Small Business Grant Contest Fedex allows business owners and entrepreneurs to register and submit their business story and photos. Once the application is approved and the voting period begins, they can vote for their own business once a day … Continue reading

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Top 10 Black Business Expos Across the Country — And Minority Business Expos Too!

Business expos are conventions or trade shows that provide local small businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services. For many Black and minority-owned businesses, these events are very critical for them to network and find new customers. Here … Continue reading

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