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The Best Advice From Some Of The Richest Black People In The World

Some of our richest give advice. I’d like to call it the process of manifestation in action. How we think and act on that thinking will give us the results we are seeking, good or bad. Okay here we go: … Continue reading

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Free Personal Development, Self Growth & Motivation eBooks

Today I am going to give away some FREE eBooks. They are for motivation and personal growth. Topics Covered:                   No catch at all. Every one of these books is FREE for … Continue reading

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How to have more abundance right now…

Hi Everyone, How fast abundance can manifest in our lives is pretty amazing, especially when you learn how to release the things that are blocking abundance. We are literally swimming in oceans of the abundance of love, of money, of … Continue reading

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A Black-Owned TV Network – Offering stock options at $1!

WOW, A Black-Owned TV Network!? Offering stock options at $1!? Could this be a chance of a lifetime? Go to PUNCH TV STUDIOS to learn more. So here we have what’s called “a chance of a lifetime” opportunity. A Chance … Continue reading

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I wanted to share this story because it is a testimony to what can happen when you are focused on YOU. This story is about physical and mental changes. Normally I have been posting stories about financial changes. Whether it’s … Continue reading

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Understanding the Law of this land

To date, this posting may be the most important post I have ever made. Please get a pen and paper out and sit down. School is in session! It doesn’t matter what you call yourself. What matters is how you … Continue reading

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Become a Black Leader in White Society

“You must first learn to become a real good follower…. by following those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish. It means that we have to follow them to the letter. Without deviation, no changes at all, everything they … Continue reading

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